F28F cabin for sale:
06/26/2019 - For Sale -  All in good order with the exception of the front wind shield
 Contact: richard   Company: skydock   Phone: 01673863525   Email: Email  

Enstrom 280C Shark:
06/24/2019 - For Sale -  Parting out Sheet metal panels. Left fuel tank,, upper & lower pulleys, jack strut, fan. Many other parts. Let me know what you need. Bearings, seals, bushings, and spacers by Enstrom Part No. only. Three (3) ground handling wheels, Part #'s WU-140-1&2. Rear, reinforced skid shoes p/n 17111-1. Two (2) skid tubes. Stringer tube p/n 28-112-18-1.
 Contact: Bill Ciszewski   Phone: 941 743-3679 or 608 846-3199   Email: Email  

pt no 6886407 and pt no 6898782:
06/07/2019 - Wanted -  1st stage wheel and 2nd stage wheel
 Contact: Nanni Di Giorgio   Phone: 428854640   Email: Email