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What we are trying to do

Our goal is to help people find parts for their helicopters. Our primary focus is turbine powered helicopters because they are supposed to be working for a living, not sitting on the ground waiting for parts.

We don't sell or manufacture parts. We have no charges for our service other than for display advertising or for having the ability to post more than 2 for-sale listings at a time.

Two of the things that make this website great are that it's free, and very easy to use.

For recip powered helicopters and other items we have simple to use classified ads on the left side where you can place an ad for the hard to find parts you are needing. Just click on the "Post a free listing" button to place your ad.

If you have parts of any kind that you would like to sell, you can place a free ad in the classified ads on the left side by clicking on the "Post a free listing" button. Every individual email address will be allowed 2 free for-sale listings at a time.

And finally our principal reason for being is the Fast-Track Locator for finding expensive, hard to find parts for turbine helicopters, in the shortest amount of time and at the cheapest price. The way it works is you click on the appropriate category in the center of the page and fill out the form. Then you go on about your business. It emails everyone on Earth that we think would be a suspect to have such a part, and they respond directly to you with their price, condition and availability.

The next time you need hard to find parts for your turbine helicopter, spend 60 seconds doing a request on the Fast-Track Locator see how it works for you.

If you have any questions about our service you can call me at 501-519-7425.

If you would like to rent some banner space from us, either on the front page or the subsequent pages, please e-mail us or call me at 501-519-7425.


Rick Seeman